Music with Sarah

Coming soon~ a 4 week holiday themed music class for babies & toddlers!!

Beginning in November! Stay Tuned:)

Today we know more about how children learn and grow then ever before. We now have scientific proof that confirms how essential music is to a childs’ education. Between the ages of 1-5 kids respond best to music when they actively experience it. Passive listening is good too, but nothing’s better then having an opportunity to get your little one rocking, marching, rolling, tapping and clapping to the beat!

Music with Sarah welcomes young children, parents and teachers into the magical world of music and dance! Sarah’s early childhood program teaches music theory and dance for kids ages 15 months – 5 years old. Not only is this a fun & great way to spend quality time with your child, but this early introduction to music and dance does more then just entertain.

Learning rhythm and body control is excellent for children’s cognitive development. Not to mention the group class environment is great for developing your little ones physical, social, and emotional skills all while listening to the happiest sounds on earth:)

Music with Sarah is an action packed class using instruments; shakers, drums, props, and rhythm sticks to help keep your child engaged the entire class.

Sarah has been teaching music and dance to kids for 15 years, and is so excited to be bringing her experience and love of music to the tiniest musicians of all! She has spent the last several years developing an excellent early childhood music & movement curriculum and has been actively teaching it since!

We would love to enhance your child’s preschool experience by bringing Music With Sarah, a semester based program to your school!
Please contact us below for more information on how to get involved.