Sonoma Academy of Dance & Arts (SADA) was founded by Sarah Duran LeVine in 2005. Sarah started that year with a full dance program and a handful of performing arts summer camps. Since then, she has added new classes, summer camps & youth programs every year in Sonoma for kids of all ages. In addition to teaching herself, Sarah brings in excellent teachers from all around the bay area who specialize in certain aspects of the arts to help bring her programs to life!
Sarah also goes into grade schools & preschools to provide music & dance classes to kids of all ages as an outreach program in both Sonoma & surrounding communities. While her passion for the performing arts is obvious, her biggest passion is working with children.
Each year SADA has been adding new, innovative & educational camps to our summer program. In Summer 2015, we were voted the Best Summer Camps in Sonoma by the Sonoma Index Tribunes Peoples Choice awards!
We are excited to be offering so many great programs for kids in our community, and we are looking forward to making this year our best year yet!